Working Across Multiple Industry Sectors

The key sectors engaged in NMCL are automotive and aerospace but the processes can fully support other manufacturing sectors.


The UK’s aerospace sector is a world-leader in a highly competitive global market, it makes a significant contribution to the UK’s economy and is responsible for £27 billion worth of exports.


The United Kingdom produces 1.7 million vehicles per year. Every 20 seconds a car, van, bus or truck rolls off a UK production line. Over 80 per cent of these are exported to more than 100 countries.


Manufacturing accounts for over 11% of UK GVA, 54% of UK exports and directly employs 2.5 million people. Sectors such as rail, defence and space are ideally suited to using the NMCL framework.

Boosting the Competitiveness of the UK Manufacturing Supply Chain

To be competitive a company must outperform its rivals over the long term and to do that, it must first understand how it competes and how competitive it really is.

Why Competitiveness?

Knowing how much you have improved is interesting, knowing how far ahead of the competition you are is essential. NMCL focusses on creating winners.

National Quality Assured

Driving improvement through the use of quality assured providers leveraging national assets and recognised centres of excellence.

How Do I Compete?

Being clear about how you compete and why customers place orders with you is the fundamental enabler for business growth.

Delivering Industrial Strategy

Quality assured delivery of industrial strategy through collaboration between trade bodies, manufacturers, Government and Local Enterprise Partnerships.

How Do I Become Competitive?

NMCL helps manufacturing companies of all sizes develop the specific business capabilities required to boost competitive performance.

Measuring success

An NMCL assessment measures a company’s capability, performance as determined by their customers, revenue growth and export business.
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Express your interest

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Assessing Competitiveness

The NMCL assessment score is established by looking at a series of mutually supportive perspectives on a business.
Competitiveness Drivers

Company Competitiveness View

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Company Capability Assessment

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Customer Competitiveness View

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Comprehensive Company Revenue Profile

Transforming Manufacturing

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Seeking Funding to Support Your Manufacturing Operations?

NMCL Automotive utilises £16m of funding to improve competitiveness in the automotive sector including: The layout of people, material and equipment The evaluation and development of the capabilities of people and equipment Asset and workforce utilisation planning and management NMCL Automotive also supports NPI & Lifecycle Management, Competitive Strategy & Management Systems and Supply Chain…


NMCL Automotive

  • Growing workforce capability
  • Increasing productivity
  • Boosting UK economic growth
  • Raising export levels

Funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, this SMMT led programme provides grant funding to support competitiveness in the UK’s automotive sector.

For More information and to express an interest in joining NMCL Automotive go to



Calling all SME’s in Automotive Manufacturing

NMCL Automotive is looking for SME’s who want to be more competitive in the sector. NMCL Automotive supports improvement activities in Manufacturing Operations, NPI & Lifecycle Management, Competitive Strategy & Management Systems and Supply Chain Management. Funding for NMCL Automotive is provided by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. For More information and…


Delivering Industrial Strategy through collaboration

With national trade bodies and the UK's largest manufacturers
ADS Group
Aerospace Growth Partnership
Automotive Council UK