NMCL Automotive

  • Growing workforce capability
  • Increasing productivity
  • Boosting UK economic growth
  • Raising export levels

Funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, this SMMT led programme provides grant funding to support competitiveness in the UK’s automotive sector.

For More information and to express an interest in joining NMCL Automotive go to https://www.nmcl.co.uk



Calling all SME’s in Automotive Manufacturing

NMCL Automotive is looking for SME’s who want to be more competitive in the sector. NMCL Automotive supports improvement activities in Manufacturing Operations, NPI & Lifecycle Management, Competitive Strategy & Management Systems and Supply Chain Management. Funding for NMCL Automotive is provided by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. For More information and…

Looking for Funding to Support Your Competitive Strategy & Management Systems?

NMCL Automotive utilises £16m of funding to improve competitiveness in the automotive sector including: • Competitive strategy development and deployment • Leadership and business planning through to the design and implementation of supporting processes • Tools and metrics to drive business performance including international quality management systems and quality management tools. NMCL Automotive also supports…

NMCL – Supporting the Automotive Sector

As the automotive sector takes its first tentative steps towards the ‘new’ normal, NMCL Automotive is looking to support more SMEs. NMCL Automotive has grant funding to help companies with their competitiveness including the development of manufacturing processes. Companies need to manufacture automotive components, accessories, software or production equipment designed to enable the manufacture of…

Team Push on With NMCL Automotive

Despite the current difficulties, the NMCL Automotive programme continues to move forward. With the team working from home, some parts of the programme are more difficult than others to progress, but all of the administrative work is still moving ahead. In particular the team is keen to lead as many of the beneficiaries as they…

Envision AESC UK Join NMCL Automotive

Envision AESC is the world’s leading battery technology company. They use AIoT technology to predict an individual cell’s reliability and status by statistical modelling. Their processes will reduce costs and streamline the process of decommissioning and dis-assembly of battery packs. The cost saving will enable economically-viable battery recycling and extract more value from ‘retired’ batteries. …

Sarginsons To take part in NMCL Automotive Programme

Sarginsons, the technology consultants and foundry based in Coventry, have become the latest company to join the NMCL Automotive programme. Sarginsons advanced metallurgy and casting techniques create exceptional lightweight components, particularly for electric and hybrid vehicles.

NMCL Automotive is a manufacturing competitiveness programme funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Wilcox Limousines win NMCL Funding

Family run hearse and limousine coachbuilder Wilcox Limousines have embarked on a significant competitiveness improvement project with support from the BEIS funded NMCL Automotive programme. The Wilcox project will consist of various training and improvement activities to support business to: • Improve competitiveness • Raise workforce capacity • Grow Productivity • Boost economic growth •…